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Are you tired of the same old messages about food, nutrition and health? Are you interested in letting go of the inner struggle around body image and weight? Have you ever imagined a greater possibility when it comes to your relationship with food – a way of eating and living that could leave you truly nourished and fulfilled?

It’s time for a fresh, new conversation when it comes to eating. It’s time for a breakthrough.

- Learn tools that will help you overcome emotional eating

- Learn to let go of the grip of chronic dieting

- Skills for intuitive and mindful eating

- Powerful strategies for developing positive body image

- Learn how nutrition affects mood and learn how to eat to regulate mood

-  Understand the connection between emotion and metabolism

- Understand your personal triggers and develop skills to manage stress

Most importantly, learn to take all that life force that goes into worry, perfectionism, self attack and anxiety about eating and use it to create the life you came here to live!

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