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"I have known Kelsey for 2.5 years as my personal trainer.  I have being seen her regularly twice a week for one hour sessions.  Kelsey is a friendly, respectful, genuine, non-judgemental, confident, easygoing and warm person.  Kelsey has extensive knowledge and amazing teaching skills regarding personal training.   Her effective methods have helped me reach my fitness goals.  I am more stronger, fit, healthier, and confident person.  I have lost over 10 lbs and have been able to keep it off and build more lean muscle.  Kelsey demonstrates professionalism for example, punctual for sessions, dressed appropriately and always organized.  Kelsey individualized my exercise program which met my goals that were not only challenging, but achievable with attainable goals.  Once a month Kelsey weighs me does all my measurements and spends time to go over my goals.  She asks me if I was happy and if not how I could improve and better myself.   We not only go over the exercise component, but also my diet.  Kelsey writes down on paper attainable achievable goals and reviews with me in a timely manner.  She provides me with constructive, positive feedback.  Kelsey works with me mentally, emotionally and physically.  She is very motivating when days I am tired and unable to push myself.  Her workouts are challenging, creative and most importantly fun.  I have seen amazing results and continue to keep Kelsey as my personal trainer."