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6 positive affirmations you should say to yourself everyday

February 6, 2018



They say there is power in positive thinking and that we all have untapped potential that our brain isn't accessing. All of us want to achieve more fulfillment in life, yet day after day we stay stuck in the vicious cycle of desire without action. Well if we can turn positive thinking into positive speaking, then we should be able to turn positive speaking into positive action. As human beings we have the power to create our own unique reality. We already have everything we need to make our dreams come alive, but the difference between becoming a "doer" and not just a "dreamer," is taking action. 


Creating a vision for yourself starts with setting an intention. Intention is what helps us to manifest the energy to leap out of bed, eager to pursue our goals because we know they have value. Taking a few seconds each morning to set your intention and ask yourself how you want to feel today can change your life. The power of affirmations is not the words alone, but the power from the emotions the affirmation evokes in you. It works best if you create affirmations that are in your own unique words and have personal value to you. Not sure where to start? Here are six examples to get an idea on how to set a positive intention.


1. Eating right is easy and fun for me. I love my body and take good care of it by eating nutritiously.


2. It does not matter what other people say or do. What matters is how I choose to 

react and what I choose to believe about myself. 


3. I matter. I am allowed to say no to others and yes to myself. My wants and needs are just as important as anyone else's.


4. I love myself unconditionally and I have the power to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way.


5. Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and I feel strong and healthy today.


6. I have the power to change my thoughts and today I give myself permission to feel healthy.


Close your eyes or look into your eyes in the mirror when you set your intention. As you repeat the words visualize yourself accomplishing your goal and notice how that makes you feel. 


Setting intentions can raise your emotional energy which in turn raises your physical energy to take action. Affirmations can empower you to achieve success and ultimately your levels of happiness.

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