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“Bodylicious Fitness saved my life. The changes I made in my diet and the gym made me feel better and filled me with energy I didn’t know I had. I used to be lethargic and have painful leg cramps and headaches, but through some simple changes in my food and exercise habits, I was able to give my lifestyle the healthy change it needed. Kelsey is an honest and professional personal trainer who sits with you and takes the time to understand what your goals are. Highly recommended!”

Kamalpreet D.

“There have been so many benefits to training with Kelsey, but the biggest one for me was overcoming the low self-esteem I’ve battled with my entire life. For years I thought that changing my eating habits would be impossible, but now I have a very different outlook. I don’t even crave the foods that I once did!”

Jennie M.

“If you’re looking for a personal trainer that’s got it all – look no further than Kelsey! She not only keeps the training sessions fun, positive and motivating, but thanks to her balanced plan of exercise, healthy eating and life, I have lost over 40 lbs in the past 6 months without losing any muscle!”

Sandra B.

“I have known Kelsey for 2 1/2 years as my personal trainer.  I have being seen her regularly twice a week for one hour sessions.  I am more stronger, fit, healthier, and confident person.  I have lost over 10 lbs and have been able to keep it off and build more lean muscle.”

Manjit D.

“I cannot recommend Kelsey enough! She is simply the best! Kelsey's personalized workouts and diet program have helped me lose weight and put on lean muscle! She is definitely committed to her profession, and very committed to her clients! Kelsey is always motivating and pushes me to reach my full potential. Going to the gym used to be a chore and now I look forward to it!! ”

Selina M.

“I did 24 sessions with Kelsey and they changed my life. I learned not only about a proper workout routine at the gym, but about healthy eating and making a conscious effort to think about all the food I put in my body. Truly life changing for me and worth all the hard work! If you're thinking at all about trying out personal training sessions, Kelsey is your girl!!”

Megan N.

“When I worked with Bodylicious Fitness, their approach to nutrition was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The most important difference about working with this professional Clinical Nutritionist, is that they don’t believe in rigid and unrealistic diet plans. Instead, they took the time to carefully evaluate me and asked all the right questions in order to come up with a long-term plan that was specifically tailored to my needs. Not only did I lose weight in a healthy way, but I learned great tricks and habits to keep me on track for the rest of my life. Thank you, Bodylicious Fitness!”


“Anyone can tell you how to properly perform a squat, a push up, a lunge. It takes something else entirely to teach someone how to believe in their self. She's not just a trainer, a nutritional coach, a motivator. his isn't just a pay cheque to her. You can feel the passion she has for this radiating from her.”

Lindsay B.

“I spent 6 months with Kelsey to help me get back on track to my dream of transforming my body. Her encouragement and advice was exactly what I needed. She doesn’t let you say no which is so easy to do. I love her personality, her true desire to help you succeed. She gets just as excited as you do when you see results. She tailors your workouts to what you need so you don’t have to worry about not being able to do the exercises. I’ve lost 37lbs and 14% body fat and I can see definition now. It’s become a way of life now and so much easier to maintain. What a great feeling and I owe it all to Kelsey for pushing me!”

Dianne B.

“Kelsey makes training not only challenging but fun at the same time! She pushes you to reach your goals while safely respecting your limits! She is very knowledgable and each day she brings something new to the table that you can take away with you! I have learned so much from her and now have the knowledge and confidence to go forward on my own! I would no doubt recommend her to anyone seeking a personal trainer! Can't wait to train with her again!”

Gosia T.

“When I met Kelsey I thought I was at the point where there was nothing left I could do to reach those last goals. After listening to everything she told me about a well balanced diet and following a great workout schedule she created for me, I finally was able to reach those goals!!! Kelsey helped me lose 8 lbs and 4% body fat plus inches, I nearly cried with joy! Whatever stage your at on your fitness journey, just beginning or fighting last few goals - I recommend Kelsey, Bodylicious fitness!”

Tresley T.